Welcome to Our Blog! 

Some years ago I discovered that Personal Finances weren't a "native capability", or at least I didn't born with it!

Year after year, studding, trying to improve my salary the result have been the same: having more debt.

With the Portuguese Bankruptcy crises, all the salaries started to be more taxed and the problem went crazy, I could no longer ignore the problems, so I started to read some personal finance books and blogs.

I fixed my big mess, but I still see a lot of people with the same problems.

With this blog I hope to share some ideas, keep me on track (to save for my retirement), and be a place where some friends can share ideas to create a safer economical future for you and to your families.

I discussed the creation of this blog with Octavio and he also added a challenge: use the idea to train languages! Money track + Learn Languages! We are quite enthusiastic about the blog!

Hope you like it too!

Lets Improve Your/Our  Selfs - Personal Finances!